Secure your tools and optimise your PPE and Industrial Supply consumptions with the SAM'URAI range

Called SAM'URAI® for Unité de Rangement Automatisée Intelligente (Automated Smart Storage Unit), this range will give industrial and automotive companies even greater flexibility and profitability.

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Automated smart storage unit

What is the SAM'URAI range?

The SAM'URAI range meets a simple yet ambitious goal: to overcome the many constraints imposed on the distribution of PPE, industrial supplies and tools, and make the operators autonomous.

To achieve this, SAM'URAI proposes a variety of modular containers suited to the workshop's needs and size.

  • X'TOWER: Connected carousel enabling the secure distribution of consumables. Simple, easy access going hand in hand with real-time monitoring of PPE and industrial supplies. A huge advantage when it comes to safeguarding the production process with lean billing

  • X'LOCKER: Connected lockers enabling the shared distribution of sensitive materials and equipment. All tools stored safely and securely in one place, combined with substantial savings achieved through 100% pooling. Equipment is maintained in operational condition, usage is optimised and industrial performance is fully monitored and controlled.

connected smart storage

SAM TOOL MANAGER®: smart distribution

Software integrated in each SAM'URAI storage unit taking the form of an interface at the operators' service. Enabling product selection and distribution. Each interaction is sent to the SAM'TOOL SUPERVISOR® supervision software.

SAM TOOL SUPERVISOR®: remote management

Product, tooling, consumables and MRO process monitoring software. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it allows you to manage, control and view in real time the status of the container and of the machines' contents, and to configure and analyse the movements of the various items of equipment and tools over the whole of the company's SAM'URAI machine estate. And all this remotely in just a few clicks, everywhere and all the time.

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HAVE 100 % of your products immediately to hand, make your products available 24/7.


ENSURE a return on your investment by pooling your tools and equipment. Cut your consumption by 50%.


SECURE your investments in a single place (personal protective equipment, industrial supplies, tooling, machine-tools, portable electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and high-value equipment).

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SAM Outillage,
Innovative French Manufacturer

SAM Outillage, designed and made in France

Designed & made in France

In 2016, SAM Outillage was one of the first players on the tooling market to invest in a subsidiary specialised in the design and manufacture of RFID sensors to propose a range of connected tools.

In 2022, SAM went further still by launching the SAM'URAI range, entirely designed and made in France. This represents our firm commitment to mastering the production process from A to Z, and offering ever more flexibility and responsiveness for our customers.

SAM Outillage Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications

A large number of tests and inspections are performed on the SAM'URAI containers and software:
- Check of compliance with the EC regulations and directives by accredited organisations.
- Check of compliance with the in-house requirements: simulation of intensive use of the machine (with one million distribution cycles on all of the machine's key components)
- Continuous updating of the software (upgrades, bug detection, new features)
- Accomplishment of a test plan on all the functionalities at the time of each software update.

The in-house checks are performed in close collaboration with the engineering department, quality and the hotline.

SAM Outillage, takes part in the France Relance Plan

Express support service

The Customer Satisfaction department provides users with support for their projects every day from 8am to 6pm non-stop. The responsiveness of our services ensures any incidents are dealt with as quickly as possible. We have in-depth knowledge of all the components making up our products. If, despite all this, a visit to your site is required, our technicians will be available to intervene in less than 48 hours.

Who are we?

For more than a century, SAM Outillage has been designing, manufacturing and marketing tools and storage solutions for professionals in a wide range of business sectors: automotive, construction and industry.

A French business committed to its home region, SAM has always focused on innovating to provide its customers with the best tools both in terms of quality and performance, as well as durability.

Inventor of the socket wrench, torque wrench and vice grips, SAM is pursuing its goal of being at the cutting edge of tooling with ranges such as the X'DRAINER®, KAP'SAM®, DYNASAM® and its new SAM'URAI range.

The SAM'URAI project is therefore perfectly in line with the company's strategy of offering innovative technical tools that combine productivity, safety and comfort.